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Herb / Drug / Vitamin Package – Great Discounts When Buying 2 Innovative Ebooks


1. Herbal-Drug Interactions – A Professional Reference Guide: Reg – $17.00

The first vital, low cost, comprehensive, easily referenced, mainstream, professional reference book for pharmacists, nurses, physicians, other health care practitioners and informed consumers.

128 pages

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2. Drug-Vitamin/Supplement Interactions – A Professional Reference Guide: Reg – $17.00

The first ever reference guide on the top 80 prescription drug brands and how they interact with vitamins and supplements. There is also a second section listing all the vitamins and supplements and which generic drugs interact with them.

128 pages

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BONUS! A Self-help guide to Vitamins and Minerals: Reg – $12.95

The A – Z of vitamins and minerals, what they do, how they help, overdosage issues, recommended dosage levels, interaction with drugs and where they can be found in food sources. There is also information on measurement of dosages, regulations and deficiency issues.

80 pages

Purchase these ebooks separately and you would spend: $46.95. Get all four of these ebooks together and only spend $27. That’s over 40% in savings!

For only $25

Health Objective :

To ensure professionals can easily “red flag” potential interaction problems and seek further information or advice appropriately.

The Books:

Pocket size, 4.25” x 5.5”.

HERBS/VITAMINS listed A- Z and then DRUGS listed A- Z • Useful web listings and pages for “Notes”

Succinct information – straight to the issue.

Decrease the litigation or other risks.

The Benefits:

Easy to use format, practical and convenient

Herbal usage is main-stream and this vital information is needed.

Customers appreciate the useful handout.

Demonstrates responsible, leadership position.

What’s different about these books?

They aren’t textbooks written for experts. They aren’t booklets that get thrown out with a stack of unopened mail.

Mediscript’s “Professional Reference Guides” are unique and convenient publications that enable the professional or layperson to find out basic information rapidly. The information may be a red flag for further research and subsequent action or the information can provide peace of mind for a potentially important query you may have.

Like all Mediscript publications, these offerings provide low cost, easy to use and innovative approach to providing critically needed information.

Why Trust Our Products?


    Since 1996, Mediscript publications have been used by health doctors, nurses, pharmacists and health care professionals, many being repeat customers.


    They are written by a group of nurse educators originally for use with health workers to ensure effective training and compliance with regulatory bodies, ensuring excellent patient/client quality care. The books are subject to editorial review by an advisory board of health care professionals.

    Further this website has worked in harmony with the authoritative specialist nursing associations in maintaining current and compatible information and members of the editorial board attend these associations annual conferences each year to ensure relevant current information and developments are included within this website.


    The information has been derived from standard scientific, clinical and medical articles and books and only mainstream medical, and generic information is used to ensure no incorrect, controversial or dangerous information is included in the material.


    Most importantly Mediscript editorial board ensure the text within all the publications fall within the best practice guidelines of the various authoritative bodies in this specialist field.

For only $25

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I look upon the “Herb Interaction” book as a “quickie” for my pharmacy team, no need to get bogged down on the computer.
David (pharmacist) Ontario
The book on “foot ulcers” spoke to me, I now understand the importance of foot care.
Janice. (Caregiver) Akron Ohio
We forget sometimes the power of the patient for healing through compliance and self care habits. We should provide understandable information.
Philip (Physician) Pittsburgh, Pensylvania
The Dr’ Guide books were a great door opener and relationship builder with the allergy medical team. Our reps loved them.
Alex (Product Manager), New Jersey.
We had the highest BRC (business Reply Card) return rate of all time – it built up great customer goodwill and easier repeat calls.
Joe (Sales Manager) Pennsylvania
The distribution of the Dr. Guide books was the most cost effective, most quickly integrated and best ROI program I have had in years – no committee development meetings, no sky high “creative” costs and so appropriate for our product / treatment messages.
Robert, (Director of marketing) Montreal.