Could Your Mattress Be Making You Sick?

Dylan Foster Photo credit: Antonio Caverzan Fact: You spend one-third of your life asleep, but how much thought do you put into the thing you sleep on? A good mattress isn’t just comfortable, it’s an important part of maintaining your physical and mental health. The wrong mattress can disrupt sleep patterns

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Creative Problem Solving in Healthcare

CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING IN THE HEALTHCARE SETTING There are 5 primary strategies to use when looking for creative ways to solve problems in healthcare: Brainstorming Thinking hats Problem reversal S.W.O.T. Role-playing We all have to deal with problems, not only at work, but also in our personal lives. Planning a wedding or

How Cleaning is Good for Your Health

How Cleaning is Good for Your Health Dylan Foster If you’re home has gone beyond “lived in” and looks more like “keep out,” you probably have a clutter conundrum. And where there’s clutter, there’s dirt and debris—which can wreak havoc on your health. While the obvious benefit of having a clean

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The Essential Role of Vitamins in Nutrition

The Essential Role of Vitamins in Nutrition In order to truly understand the role of vitamins in nutrition; that is, how they work and what they do, we should look at the big nutrition picture or, more appropriately, jig saw. We need to understand certain terms like dietary supplements, essential nutrients, minerals,

Sharp, Focused and Happy: The Connection Between Sleep and Mental Health

Sharp, Focused and Happy: The Connection Between Sleep and Mental HealthBy Anyone who’s ever gone a few nights without good, restful sleep can attest to the fact that sleep and mental health are closely tied. Sleep deprivation makes it difficult to concentrate, affects memory, impairs cognitive functioning and makes you anxious, impatient and irritable.

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How to reduce work-related stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance (Infographic)

In an age when all across the board people are working harder and longer, understanding how to reduce work-related stress is more important than ever. Stress is “the emotional, behavioral, or physical response to an event or situation”. The situation or event that causes stress is called the “stressor”. Work-related stress is harmful stress

I look upon the “Herb Interaction” book as a “quickie” for my pharmacy team, no need to get bogged down on the computer.
David (pharmacist) Ontario
The book on “foot ulcers” spoke to me, I now understand the importance of foot care.
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We forget sometimes the power of the patient for healing through compliance and self care habits. We should provide understandable information.
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The distribution of the Dr. Guide books was the most cost effective, most quickly integrated and best ROI program I have had in years – no committee development meetings, no sky high “creative” costs and so appropriate for our product / treatment messages.
Robert, (Director of marketing) Montreal.