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Mediscript Online Courses FAQ

1. What are Mediscript Modules?

Mediscript modules are e-learn courses written by nurse educators in consultation with physicians. The nurse educators under the leadership of Laura Flynn are all very well qualified and proficient in facilitating in-service presentations to health workers and other health care professionals.

Many of the materials have been available for several years and have been validated by various major health institutions such as hospitals, long term care facilties, nursing homes and home care agencies.The modules were originally created to be used as training guides used in hospital and home care settings. However due to their readability and universal appeal. we’ve decided to make them available to anybody interested in learning more about healthcare topics and boosting their resume by completing these accredited materials.

2. What will I need to do the modules?

All you need to get started is a computer or device like a tablet or smart phone and a working internet connection.

3. What are the benefits?

Mediscript modules are:


The information has been derived from standard scientific, clinical and medical articles and books and only mainstream medical, and generic information is used to ensure no incorrect, controversial or dangerous information is included in the material.


Further this website has worked in harmony with the authoritative specialist nursing associations in maintaining current and compatible information and members of the editorial board attend these associations annual conferences each year to ensure relevant current information and developments are included within this website.


Most importantly Mediscript editorial board ensure the text within all the publications fall within the best practice guidelines of the various authoritative bodies in this specialist field.

4. What is the structure of the courses?

Each module takes between 25- 45 minutes to complete. If you are interrupted, you can always return to the material at a later time to complete it.

Each module contains the following:


These tests provide information regarding the extent of learning that has taken place. Each test contains 7 questions. Do not be concerned if you attain a low grade on the pre-test.


The content contains a case example that will increase your understanding of the issues. Try to complete the follow-up question(s) on your own before looking at the answers. The case examples are a good opportunity to brainstorm solutions for complex situations that invariably arise when caring for the health of another person.


The content also contains a variety of learning activities that begin with the heading “Consider For a Moment…”. These activities will enhance your knowledge of the material so try and do as many as you can. In group settings these are valuable opportunities for discussion.


Once you finish studying the material, you will be provided with a “Certificate of Completion.” This will be available as a download link after completing the post-test and will also be emailed to you if you are set up to receive emails.

5. Who are these courses intended for?

The following individuals/groups would benefit most from our modules:


Originally, these were intended as an in-service training course administered in a hospital or healthcare setting. For this category, Mediscript Modules can be licensed out to an organization for an annual fee of $400. For this kind of purchase you will get:

  • Full access to every module for up to 200 employees
  • view and manage results
  • assign and reassign tests
  • advanced user reports
  • and much more

Click here to learn more about licensing options


Those involved in the healthcare/home-care setting, these courses can be an invaluable aid. These accredited modules can be used to:

  • boost your resume,
  • increase the diversity of your healthcare portfolio
  • brush up on industry best practicers,
  • learn about topics you may not be as familiar with
  • collect points to buy various Mediscript books and other products


As the population of baby boomers age and enter their retirement years, more and more people are finding themselves caring for someone on their own. These modules can increase your knowledge about many common issues affecting elderly people. You can be confident that what you are learning matches the industry best practices.

6. How to purchase

You can buy these modules in any of the following formats:

  • Per module: supposing you only need access to one or a few topics, then each of these modules can be purchased individually. Each has its own Certificate of completion.
  • In bundles: get access to great savings when buying courses together
  • Full package: by far the best value when getting all 35 modules together
  • Licensed for a year:  for organizations and healthcare facilities
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    Just select a course from the drop down and enter your email below to receive a coupon code for one complimentary course of your choice

      I look upon the “Herb Interaction” book as a “quickie” for my pharmacy team, no need to get bogged down on the computer.
      David (pharmacist) Ontario
      The book on “foot ulcers” spoke to me, I now understand the importance of foot care.
      Janice. (Caregiver) Akron Ohio
      We forget sometimes the power of the patient for healing through compliance and self care habits. We should provide understandable information.
      Philip (Physician) Pittsburgh, Pensylvania
      The Dr’ Guide books were a great door opener and relationship builder with the allergy medical team. Our reps loved them.
      Alex (Product Manager), New Jersey.
      We had the highest BRC (business Reply Card) return rate of all time – it built up great customer goodwill and easier repeat calls.
      Joe (Sales Manager) Pennsylvania
      The distribution of the Dr. Guide books was the most cost effective, most quickly integrated and best ROI program I have had in years – no committee development meetings, no sky high “creative” costs and so appropriate for our product / treatment messages.
      Robert, (Director of marketing) Montreal.