Wrapping up

WRAPPING UP Things to remember The following is an overview of important points to keep in mind while assisting clients with personal hygiene. Some of these items have been mentioned earlier in this program but they are important enough to be repeated again. Follow the care plan for each client. Sometimes procedures may have


Case study

CASE EXAMPLE On admission, Mr. Martin stated he was angry with his son for making him come to the nursing home. He has hardly spoken to anyone since his admission. He keeps to himself and does not wish to participate in activities. ... Q: How can you use the bathing experience to help


Perineal care

PERINEAL CARE Perineal care (also called peri-care) involves cleansing of the external genitalia, perineum, and the surrounding skin. This care can be provided with the routine bath or as needed. Clients who are incontinent of urine or feces should have perineal cleansing provided after each soiling. Encourage clients to provide perineal care for themselves


Other types of care

OTHER TYPES OF CARE FOOT CARE Assist clients to keep their feet clean and dry. Older people, in particular, tend to have conditions of the feet that cause pain and make it difficult for them to get around. Corns, calluses, and deformities are not at all uncommon. Learn how to give good foot and


Bathing the client

BATHING THE CLIENT When deciding how to bathe your client, consider issues such as: Can the client assist with the bath? Is the client confused? Does the client have any skin conditions that you should be aware of? How does the client wish to bathe? The clients you care for may have many different


What is personal care?

What is personal care? Clients require help with personal care (personal hygiene) for many different reasons. They may be recovering from an illness or from surgery. They may have a mental disorder that causes short or long-term confusion.  Other clients may have a chronic condition, such as arthritis, that limits their ability to take


Introduction to personal care

Introduction Welcome to this self study online module about all the issues regarding personal care so that you can provide the very best hands-on care to people in your care. This module discusses how you can assist clients to meet their personal care needs. It outlines procedures for various aspects of basic hygiene.


8. Wrapping up

8. WRAPPING UP SUGGESTED ANSWER TO THE CASE EXAMPLE The problem is that Mr. Bigby fell and may be injured. Although he says he is okay, he does have some red areas and a cut on his forehead. He also appears dazed. There is no one else in the house to help,

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