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If You Are A Doctor,

We Will Publish Your Book

Are you a doctor or healthcare professional looking to acquire new patients? Are you trying to get a leg up on your competition? Need more ways to show your expertise in your field? Are you trying to find a way to help your current patients adhere more diligently to their healthcare regimen? Want to save time with your patients so you can spend more focusing on acquiring more patients?

Having your own book is a potential answer to all of these questions.

But before you go and say, “hey, I’m a doctor and do not have time to write my own book”, then consider this:

We will write it for you! 

If that is something that interests you then read on.

Let’s break down each of these essential issues.


One of the best ways we acquire new patients is through exposure. If potential clients are not aware of your services or if they are aware of you but forget how to reach you, then those are lost clients. A book that has YOUR name, with YOUR business info, and YOUR website directly embedded in the book is a great way to put your brand front and center with new clients.

Imagine a consultation with a potential client who is on the fence between you and your competitor. Maybe you can’t acquire the patient right then and there, but you can leave them with a copy of your book. This is not just a business card that gets lost, thrown away or stacked away in the back of a clients wallet. It goes on their bookshelf, kitchen counter or by their bedside, easily referenced and accessible when it is time to make that decision. Wouldn’t you want it to be your name they’re thinking of when that time comes?


One way to get a leg up on the competition is to show that you are the authority in your field. Let’s face the facts here. Nothing quite says credibility like being a published author. Mediscript has been publishing doctors and healthcare professionals for over twenty years. By publishing with us, you are joining your credible brand with another one – ours. Having your own book also presents many other opportunities – book tours, TV appearances and trade shows to name a few.

Do you have a website or an email list? Having your own book in a digital format means you can send it out to all your clients or have it as a download option on your website.


One of the most pressing problems doctors have with attaining new customers is the amount of time spend counselling current patients in adhering to their patient regimen. Having a book that deals directly with these issues allows you to relay this information once in printed format that allows your patients to get answers to questions on their own. It also motivates the patient to become more involved in their own care. Having a patient motivated to achieve healthier outcomes is half the battle.

“I Don’t Have Time To Write A Book”

– You

That’s OK, we do!

We believe that if you have the “Dr” before your name, then we know you have earned your credibility in your field. We just want to help you showcase that credibility to the world.

We are willing to work with you in all the ways needed to get your book published. This includes writing the content (based on your bullet notes), cover design, book launch, ad campaigns and distribution.

What Makes Mediscript Books Different?

Mediscript has come up with a formula with our “Dr. Guide” book series. A template, if you will, for success. The Mediscript formula has been built on what we call the “Vowel Standard”. And yes, we came up with this.

Patient eduction should be:

A – Accessible: Our medical books should be available in many formats for a low price, if not free. While a Dr. Guide book can be used to bring in more revenue (it certainly can). We have found over the years that they are most helpful as treatment adjuncts for the medical professional. They should be used as part of the treatment regimen.

E – Engaging: Sentences should be short, jargon kept to a minimum and the writing style should be written in a way that maintains reader interest.

I – Interactive: We try to include as much visual aids as possible to supplant the learning process. Charts, progress diaries, diagrams, quizzes and areas for notes, further reading and the like are all w

O – Objective: We don’t deal in, nor do we publish, “quack” science. Our materials are based on the authoritative recommendations derived from years of established practice within the medical community. We don’t want to publish someones “miracle diabetes cure” that comes in the form of a herb-laced milkshake found in some South American rainforest. There are other publishers for that.

U – Understandable: Overly complex and technical books will be read by few patients. Mediscript’s success has largely been based on the idea that people are busy and don’t always have the time to devote hours of study to medical terms and jargon. That doesn’t mean our content is dumbed down either. Finding that fine line is the balance.

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I look upon the “Herb Interaction” book as a “quickie” for my pharmacy team, no need to get bogged down on the computer.
David (pharmacist) Ontario
The book on “foot ulcers” spoke to me, I now understand the importance of foot care.
Janice. (Caregiver) Akron Ohio
We forget sometimes the power of the patient for healing through compliance and self care habits. We should provide understandable information.
Philip (Physician) Pittsburgh, Pensylvania
The Dr’ Guide books were a great door opener and relationship builder with the allergy medical team. Our reps loved them.
Alex (Product Manager), New Jersey.
We had the highest BRC (business Reply Card) return rate of all time – it built up great customer goodwill and easier repeat calls.
Joe (Sales Manager) Pennsylvania
The distribution of the Dr. Guide books was the most cost effective, most quickly integrated and best ROI program I have had in years – no committee development meetings, no sky high “creative” costs and so appropriate for our product / treatment messages.
Robert, (Director of marketing) Montreal.