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House dust is a complex mixture of many kinds of airborne particles. You have only to look at a ray of sunlight streaming into a dimly lit room. Eureka! ???There in front of you is an “allergy airbrone division” floating and swirling in the air, causing allergy sufferers to dash for their antihistamines!

The nature of house dust varies from home to home, depending on the character of the house: for example, there may be old carpeting, a family pet, upholstered furniture, decaying insects in nooks or crannies, and so on. These particles can include fibers from carpets and drapes, food remnants, mold, fungi, animal dander, insect parts, debris from furniture, and outside dust. The list is endless.

Check Sources of “Dangerous Dust” listed below and do what you can to eliminate these sources.

  • Brushes/brooms
  • Carpeting/rugs
  • Attic
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Draperies
  • Basement
  • Books
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Concrete
  • Chalk/erasers
  • Toys
  • Insects
  • Clutter
  • Construction site
  • Pictures

Through testing, your physician may have found that you are allergic to house dust, but it is worth emphasizing that, even if you are not “clinically” allergic to house dust, it still can be an irritant that brings on allergy or asthma symptoms. Consequently, reducing house dust in the home environment is a worthwhile objective.

Dust control in the home should take a comprehensive approach that “leaves no stone unturned.”
The measures suggested so far involve minimal cost, but lots of modifications and “elbow grease”! There are, however, other, more costly, measures that involve the purchase of mechanical aids.

In choosing appliances that will benefit your particular situation, you must become an educated consumer. Read, seek the advice of your physician, and shop around. Become an expert!

Allergy Products to Consider Purchasing for your Home

For control of house dust, consider the following:

Centralized vacuum cleaning system or a HEPA vacuum

Quality furnace filter

Air purifier

Periodic cleaning and maintenance of furnace, and
especially exchanging or cleaning of the furnace filter.

Consider the professional cleaning of air ducts throughout the home on a regular basis. To choose a company go to www.nadca.com (the National Air Duct Cleaners Assocoation) click on publications and download “how to select a commercial contractor”

Summary of House Dust Control

Complete “Your Environmental Survey,” assessing sources of dust.

Review Making an Allergy Free Home.

Implement the cleaning and maintenance guidelines located here.

Modify your bedroom.

Consider purchasing mechanical devices.

Review Sources of “Dangerous Dust”, making sure you have done everything you can to eliminate these sources.

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