Advantages of Buying Wholesale Spa Chemicals

//Advantages of Buying Wholesale Spa Chemicals

Owning a hot tub used to be a luxury that only the supper rich could afford or something found only in Spas. But these days, there are ‘affordable’ hot tubs that any homeowner can have installed in their home.

Most homeowners do not get to use their hot tubs as regularly as Spas and resorts. However, as the weather changes and warmer days creep in on us, the need to relax in a hot tub after a day’s job increases.

Whether you are a spa owner or a homeowner, your hot tub must be kept clean (especially the water). It wouldn’t do for you to relax in the hot tub and come out with some infections or allergies.

There are many products that are necessary for the cleaning and maintenance of your spa and we would discuss them briefly here. While a home owner can make do with buying retail products, a Spa or resort owner would benefit more from buying wholesale spa chemicals. Therefore we would highlight the advantages of buying these chemicals in bulk.

Types Of Spa Chemicals And Their Uses

Like we mentioned briefly earlier on, you need some products to ensure that your hot tub water is in the best state. These products include cleaners, clarifiers, balancers, sanitizers and some other speciality products. Below is a brief description of these chemicals and their uses:-

Water Testing Products

Before you apply any chemical to your hot tub, you have to test the water. This is to ascertain the level of bacteria in the water, the alkalinity and the calcium hardness. You need test strips or kits for this exercise and they come with instructions’ on how to use them.


It is necessary to ensure that the tub is properly sanitized. You can achieve the healthy range of sanitizer levels by using the right quantity of sanitizers. The most popular sanitizing chemicals are bromine and chlorine.

They ensure that bacteria and other disease causing organisms do no thrive in the tub.

Spa Shock

The process of shocking your hot tub is the use of a higher dose of oxidisers to clear cloudy water and also sanitize it. It is recommended that you shock your hot tub after high usage; this would help to clear the water and kill bacteria and cells deposited by the many users.

If you use chlorine based shock chemicals, note that you would have to wait for some time before using the tub. This is so that the chlorine levels would balance out. You may also decide to use other types of spa shock products.


These are products that add a level of luxury to the spa experience. They are organic products and are not cost intensive. You can check out this article for more information on aromatherapy.

Water Balancers

Water balancers are products that help to balance the pH levels of your spa water. When you use the test strip/kit and discover that the pH level is off, these are the products that you would need to rectify the situation.


These are products that help clear cloudy spa water, enhance the performance of the water filter, and maintain the pH balance of the water.  They come in handy when your filter is nearing the time for a change.

Advantages Of Buying These Products in Bulk

If you are in the beauty business and you operate a spa or resort or you want to start a spa chemical retail outlet, the following might be no new information.  Anyone who is into the retail of these chemicals that we have discussed and other spa and swimming pool accessories would undoubtedly buy wholesales. But we feel that most spa owners may wonder why they should buy their products in bulk.

Let’s share a few reasons:-

It Is More Cost Effective

When you buy your products in bulk, you go straight to the manufacturer, thereby cutting off middlemen. This helps you save some money and even time that you would spend in placing/shopping for single/retail orders.

You Get Better Customer Service
Manufacturers respect and value the patronage of their wholesalers. This is because they are their bridge to their consumers. For this reason, they ensure that they treat them well; you would not only have direct access to the manufacturers but would have your concerns addressed promptly.

More Control

You would be able to control the products that you can get; in fact, there is a level you would get to that you can customize some of your products (especially stuff for aromatherapy).  You would not also have to rely on the shops to get what you want.

Additionally, you can plan how long your supplies would last and when to replenish. You may want to check out this link for the pros and cons of bulk buying:


In this article, we discussed the essential spa chemicals that every hot tub owner should have. We also discussed the advantages of buying wholesale spa chemicals. We hope you learnt a thing or two here.


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