Private Homecaring Dublin – Choosing the Right Homecare Company for Your Family Member

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Private Homecaring Dublin – Choosing the Right Homecare Company for Your Family Member

When I was growing up I was taught to respect my elders. Get off the chair if someone older came in the room, help with groceries and garden chores for neighbors and always have my manners on point.

It wasn’t always easy as a kid, and of course, I only realize the reasoning behind it now as a parent myself who instills-or drills-manners and etiquette into my 2 monkeys. Our elders have a care for us that is limitless, grannies constantly spoiling grandchildren behind parent’s backs and squashing them for big cuddles. You can’t put a price on that.

So when it comes time for the roles to reverse, and for us to play our part now in taking care of them, only the best care should suffice. This doesn’t mean giving up our lives and waiting on them hand on foot, a private care home will help with this and you get the best of both worlds. A team of staff trained and willing to care for them when you’re not there.

Ireland has for many years been known as the land of scenery and romance, whether your thing is the endless coast or the beautiful hills, it has something for everyone. So the choice of private home care Dublin will ensure you don’t miss out on these portraits created by Mother Nature herself and enjoy the better things in life.

Why private home care?

While general care homes are perfectly fine and have all the amenities an elderly person would ever need, having those extra features and services of private care will make the stay all the more pleasant and help you in the long run.

Caregivers do a variety of services such as running errands, picking up prescriptions or taking your parents on outings or for a walk. A general all round helping hand in their day to day lives.

With private care, however, these kindnesses are elevated to personal caring such as bathing and dressing, cooking and preparing meals and a light tidying up around the house while being there for them as a home companion. Specialized trained staff are also on call for persons with Alzheimer’s or Dementia where we might struggle how to handle it.

Benefits of private home care.

As we get older we understand that physical and health issues can creep up on us, and family members, although they are just concerned and want the best for their folks, can end up making their whole lives revolve around doctor’s trips and pill taking. Having a carer can help you see the bigger picture, help your parents keep a bit of their independence.

This will come as a welcome relief for them and you, and you can enjoy them more instead of worrying all the time even if it never really goes away.

Having private care at home allows your parents to still get on with their lives, but who might need that extra lift and support to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. Read more about it here and gain a better understanding of the choice you’re looking to make.

How to choose private home care?

The first thing you will need to decide on is whether to go through an agency or to hire privately. With an agency, they send a carer who is trained in nursing to your home every day to administer meds or help around the house preparing meals and cleaning up.

Going privately might be more cost-effective but as an employer, you now take on a bit more work of background checks, reference checks and see if they have any medical training. If you have the time then it is an option to consider, but with your own family to take care of using an agency has become the more popular route.

When using an agency you need to look for one that provides the services you need to best take care of your parents or elder. What are they willing and not willing to do? Can they drive? Are they medically aware of what to do in a situation?

The one advantage of using an agent over going privately is that if you aren’t happy with the carer or they aren’t getting on well with your folks you can simply request a new one. With hiring in private, you will have to do the checks and searching all over again. 

3 Benefits of using private home care for your loved one.

  • They help them carry on with their daily lives, chores and ensure they keep up with their household responsibilities. Guide them when they feel overwhelmed with it all and assure them they are there to help with whatever they need. Even just making a cup of tea and sitting in the garden with them can take away their anxiety.
  • While the mind might still be young and willing the body has other ideas. Doing the tasks that require more physical energy can prevent unnecessary accidents and injuries.
  • They aren’t completely incapable, having in-home care lets them stay where they might even have grown up and in the place they feel most comfortable. You can read this article to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of home care.


Whatever you decide, try talking to and asking your parents what would suit them and the help they might need or like. Come to an agreement and the process will be smiles from all sides.

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