Technology Advantages That Can Help Manage Your Diabetes

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Technology Advantages That Can Help Manage Your Diabetes

By Justin from

Managing your diabetes or helping someone close to you manage their diabetic conditions can often be tedious. It’s hard to find a health regimen that balances a normal lifestyle with appropriate insulin and sugar levels.

Fortunately, there are a host of tech-based devices and apps available that can make living with diabetes more manageable. We’ve highlighted a few suggestions for affordable and low-cost options for simplifying your efforts.

Digital Patches

Many have already transitioned away from those pesky finger pricks to take advantage of patch systems. UNC explains these allow a user to scan the patch with a smartphone for real-time data collection. They are simple and non-invasive, making diabetes management pain- and worry-free.

Smartphone Apps You Should Consider

Your phone can help you in ways beyond receiving data from patches. Take advantage of downloadable apps to help stay on top of everything from your glucose levels to exercise routines.

  • LibreApp: This app is compatible with Libre systems and is great for ongoing glucose monitoring. It also allows you to share critical information with family.
  • GlucoseZone: This app is designed to help you manage workouts, diabetes education, and provides goal coaching as well.
  • MySugr: This app has rave reviews and boasts over 2M users worldwide. It was created by patients with diabetes for smartphone management of everything from blood sugar and food tracking, to medication logging and estimated HbA1c.
  • IQ: This app is designed to be a personal diabetes assistant. Exclusive to the Guardian™ Connect CGM system, this app can help you identify glucose patterns over time and provide ongoing data management.

Pumps & Pens

Insulin pump technology has significantly advanced over the last ten years. Pumps are also becoming more affordable and accessible to patients. Managing glucose levels and mitigating hypoglycemia symptoms are some of the most significant benefits. dLive explains if you are administering your own injections now, you might want to look into some of the better insulin pump options. You may find they’re more affordable and comfortable than your current diabetic management routine.

Insulin pens have experienced technological upgrades, too. Now with readily measured doses for daily use and emergency management, patients can reduce their risk of prolonged symptoms.

Smart insulin pens allow users to change doses down to half-units and the pens communicate directly with their smartphones, tracking data as you go. Thanks to smart insulin pens, you could avoid keeping your logs altogether, and not worry about remembering when you last dosed yourself.

Staying Active & Routine Exercise Management

Everyday Health explains that exercise can be a key component in keeping diabetes symptoms in control. With that in mind, consider adding a fitness tracker to help you manage your exercise and activity levels. Staying active and incorporating some form of exercise in your weekly or daily routine can help you live your healthiest life with diabetes.

By using a fitness tracker or smartwatch, not only will you have extra motivation to get moving, but you’ll also be able to monitor a significant amount of health data. The Apple Watch Series 4, for example, is one device worth considering. With features including the Heart Study and Workout Tracker, you can have real-time data on heart rhythm, rest, and recovery heart rates, along with calorie-burning info. Use the Breathe App to track your downtime and relaxation efforts, as well.

If you’d prefer fewer bells and whistles, a fitness tracker is a great alternative. The Fitbit offers similar health tracking features at a lower price point. You can track everything from daily routine exercise tracking to recording your aerobic workouts. Monitor your heart rate 24/7 and log your sleep quality, too.

Managing diabetes, either for yourself or a loved one, can be tedious. While maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a good suggestion for everyone, for those living with diabetes, it’s mission-critical. Leveraging some of the latest technology enhancements can help simplify your efforts and keep your finger on the pulse of your overall health.

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