Enjoy Balanced Self-Care by Including a Fitness Program

//Enjoy Balanced Self-Care by Including a Fitness Program

Enjoy Balanced Self-Care by Including a Fitness Program

by Sheila Olson of fitsheila.com

Most of us realize exercise is an important aspect of maintaining good health. However, many people don’t include a fitness regimen in their lifestyle. Here is how to incorporate working out into your life for a balanced and healthy self-care program.

Wonderful Benefits

Physical activity provides a wide range of benefits to your well-being. Exercise lowers your risk for physical health concerns such as cancer, stroke, and loss of bone density, which can accompany aging. Being fit also provides a mental health boost; as Everyday Health explains, you can improve emotional wellness and cognitive function through a workout plan. In fact, exercise not only helps you feel better overall, but it may also help you live longer.

No More Excuses

Exercise is a vital part of your overall self-care plan, but many of us neglect a workout routine. Researchers cited by Forbes note that even knowing it’s good for us and that exercise can make us feel better, we often find other things to do with our time. In fact, participants in a study found regular exercise helped alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety. However, just three months following the study, nearly every participant decided to forego exercise. They gave many “reasons,” from needing to transport kids to their commitments to a heavy work schedule. Ultimately, they were more inclined to exercise for a study than for themselves. 

Making Time

Most of us are pretty busy these days, but with a few clever time management strategies, you can put exercise seamlessly into your lifestyle. One suggestion is to block out time slots that to fitness. By plugging it into your calendar, you’re less apt to put it off and more inclined to stick to your plan. Also, don’t overdo it. When you’re just beginning a fitness plan, overextending yourself leaves you open to injuries and burnout. Set reasonable goals, adding a little time or intensity to your sessions on a regular basis. Another idea is to save on traveling time to your local gym by creating a workout space in your home. A spare bedroom, the basement, or the garage can be the perfect location for an at-home gym.


Staying motivated is one of the keys to keeping exercise in your life. Muscle & Fitness suggests creating a great playlist to keep you moving during your workouts. You’ll find it’s a great way to help you stay upbeat and focused throughout your routine! Some people benefit from an exercise reward system. This can be anything from fun money to new workout clothes. Another suggestion is to think about what makes you want to do things. It’s a way to engage highly personal motivational factors. If it’s time with the kids, find things to do with them. If it’s a chance for alone time after work, take a walk to blow off steam and reframe your outlook. Do you love putting on a new dress? Dancing may be the key for you. Process what makes you look forward to activities and incorporate that into your workout plan.

Kinds of Exercise

Find ways to make your physical fitness plan fun. Working out doesn’t need to be all about work! Take dance lessons, spend time hiking, go swimming or do some yoga. You can even play tag with the kids, combining your workout with quality family time! And when it comes to multitasking, yoga can be your self-care jackpot. Yoga incorporates several important lessons for self-care, such as letting go of what you can’t control, embracing your own inner strength, being kind to yourself, and the importance of taking time to relax. You also learn to listen more to your body, which can be a boon to supporting your overall health. Whatever you choose should be something you enjoy and can participate in regularly. You might even opt for a variety to keep things interesting!

Your self-care plan isn’t balanced if it doesn’t include fitness. Look for opportunities to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle, find ways to stay motivated, and choose a workout plan you enjoy. You can be fit, balanced, and healthy, and you’re worth it!

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